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cleaner certification through maid training academy.


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  • Ghana's mobile phone subscribers to hit 40m by 2020

    Ghana’s mobile phone subscription is expected to hit about 40 million in the next two years, according to the Jumia Annual Mobile Report 2018. With such growth rate, it is projected that Ghana’s mobile penetration is going to hit above 130 percent by 2020.

  • Mobile phone penetration key to Ghana’s digital transformation

    “DFID recognises that out of all communication tools, mobile technology is the first to reach across geographies, income levels and cultures. For this reason, we see mobile technology as vital for sustainable development across a wide range of government sectors and departments.

  • Mobile Data Figures for September 2017

    At the end of September 2017, the total subscriptions of mobile data in the country was 22,865,821 with a penetration rate of 79.94%.



Of Ghanaian use mobile phones.


Of Mobile phone users prefer Mobile Money.


Of Businesses reach their clients via Bulk SMS.


Of Banks interact with their customers via USSD.

    • BULK SMS

      We provide the lowest and unbeatable Bulk SMS pricing to all mobile network destinations in Ghana.

    • USSD

      USSD With Wigal Solutions, it’s easy to use our short code service to run broadcasts and loyalty programs.

    • Mobile Money

      With Wigal Solutions, it’s easy to use our APIs for any mobile App development or payment integration.