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Bulk SMS

At Wigal solutions, we provide the lowest and unbeatable Bulk SMS pricing to all mobile network destinations in Ghana (both GSM and CDMA). No matter the information to be sent, our bulk SMS will take care of it


2-Way SMS

With Wigal, it’s easy to use our short code service to run broadcasts and loyalty programs. We provide short codes, virtual long numbers, and an advanced set of tools for managing inbound messages.



Unstructured Supplementary Service Data will allow your clients cellular telephones to communicate with the business. It will allow you to answer queries from your clients with ease. Ideal for banking, mobile polling, security systems, education, etc


HLR Lookup

Wigal's HLR lookup system enables querying of mobile numbers for existence and status check. This is s serous cost reduction for you! With this you can filter out the nonexistent numbers from your contact list. You are sure your SMS will get delivered because the number you are sending exist and active on the home location register(HLR) of the particular network.


Web Application Development

The gateway to every organization is their website, at Wigal we believe a successful organization is as good as its website, whilst automating an organizations' process with a web application makes it efficient in its service delivery. We give you the publicity you need to succeed as an organization. We make your needs our priority


Mobile Application Developement

Having information and service handy can not be over emphasized; that is why it is paramount to take services to the user in the comfort of their homes. A mobile app from Wigal will ensure you give your customers value for money