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Yahoo messenger offered a lot features.  Really sad to watch it go.

Verizon subsidiary Oath has announced that Yahoo Messenger is officially shutting down next month. Once one of the most popular and most innovative messaging service, Yahoo Messenger has waned in popularity in recent years…

For all marathon lovers out there, this is for you!

The Minister of Youth & Sports, Hon Isaac Asiamah has guaranteed support for the big millennium marathon 2018 which comes on in Accra on September 22.

He said the nation needs to organize more local competitions like the marathon to groom more runners for the future.

Successful Sales Tips for Small Business Owners

Tips and Advice to Help Small Business Owners Sell Effectively

As a company, the department we have experienced so much challenge in the past three years is Sales. This is the only department we have done a lot of recruitment over the years. And it is sad to say, all the people (both experienced and amateur) we brought on board didn’t live up to expectation. What we observed is, it’s either the willingness to excel at what they do wasn’t there or they lack the confidence to market the products and services. The reason why I am saying this is, as a company we pride ourselves in motivating our employee, especially those who bring in paying customers.

Sales has always been an important part of every small business; it's also a common challenge for many small business owners. If sales is something you struggle with in your small business, it can be helpful to spend some time getting a better understanding of the sales process and fine-tuning your sales skills. With some practice, you can become a better salesperson, one who is not only more comfortable with the process but also more effective.

Here are some tips, tools and advice to help you improve your sales skills so you can sell your products and services more effectively.

Take Action! Inspire Change


There is a popular adage that says “Be the CHANGE you want to see in the world.”

Taking responsibility for once action makes a great deal of difference, when it comes to doing the very things that standout and make a huge difference in the life of people.

Ralph Marston once said “Concern yourself more with accepting responsibility than with assigning blame. Let the possibilities inspire you more than the obstacles discourage you.”

Here, our paradigm of the way things happen around us is key…

Nelson Mandela is a huge example of who really became the change he sort to see in the world…

Another investigation finds that web-based social networking can be utilized to recognize occasions, for example, riots
At the point when calamity strikes, it's natural for individuals to whip out their telephones. In any case, not to dial 999 – just to post about it via web-based networking media.
Research from Cardiff University has demonstrated that individuals' inclination to sound the caution through web-based social networking can be utilized to the specialists' preference, regardless of the possibility that they aren't getting the main alarm from regular citizens. The specialists broke down 1.6 million

Today the legislative head of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, marked another law allowing the utilization of conveyance robots on crosswalks and walkways over the state.

In many places in the U.S., it's not really lawful for a robot to move around on a walkway. In any case, now three states — Wisconsin, Idaho and Virginia — have passed statewide laws allowing the utilization of robots to convey things to individuals' doorsteps.In March, Virginia was the first state in the country to pass a law broadly allowing delivery robots. Then Idaho passed a similar law later that same month.

Amazon shook the retail world Friday with news that it has consented to purchase Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. The arrangement in a split second overturned the market business and changed the web based business organization into a blocks and-mortar monster.
You could nearly hear the jaws drop on Wall Street. Yet, those who've worked at Amazon or took after the organization firmly throughout the years were less shocked. The reason: It's exemplary Jeff Bezos.
Amazon's CEO and founder has spent the last two decades proving that his ambition knows no bounds. Originally founded as an online bookseller, Amazon has since expanded into hardware, cloud services and streaming shows -- often years ahead of its rivals.
"Jeff is crazy -- crazy like a fox," says Nadia Shouraboura, a former Amazon executive who

We live in a digital era where innovations are emerging quicker than the speed of light. This means older operating systems might soon be discontinued. Case in point, Microsoft Vista. After a 10-year run, Microsoft is set to discontinue support for Vista users from April 11th onwards. On top of that, key security or software updates will cease as well.

Apple Announcement Causes Imagination Tech Shares to Crash More Than 70%


This got me thinking… Was it right for Imagination Tech to channel a greater percentage of their income source to Apple? Was the time frame for the release of the information from Apple to Imagination Tech right? Now Imagination Tech would have to strategize which is not going to be easy at all for the coming months.

Shares in Imagination Tech crashed more than 70 percent on Monday after the British company said its biggest customer, Apple, would stop using its graphics technology in iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches.

Imagination said Apple, which accounts for about half its revenue, had notified the British firm it was developing its own graphics chips and would no longer use Imagination's processing designs in 15 months to two years time. Shares in Imagination, in which Apple holds an 8 percent stake, plunged to 76 pence, their lowest level since 2009 and about a 10th of their record of 734 pence hit in 2012. "The biggest risk to Imagination's business model was realized this morning," analysts at Investec said.

"The loss of this revenue stream will have a material impact on the financials of the company." Imagination's shares were trading down 61 percent at 105 pence by 0915 GMT, giving the company a market value of 298 million pounds ($372 million), or 463 million pounds less than it was worth on Friday. The technology company has licensed its processing designs to Apple from the time of the iPod and receives a small royalty on every graphics chip used in a device.

Pony Express debuts | Today, sending a mail is a CLICK of a button away.

The human mind happens to be the greatest asset given us by our Maker. Being able to solve problems efficiently and effectively is what makes the difference. Internet in our generation changed everything. Today sending a mail is just a click of a button away.

On this day in 1860, the first Pony Express mail, traveling by horse and rider relay teams, simultaneously leaves St. Joseph, Missouri, and Sacramento, California. Ten days later, on April 13, the westbound rider and mail packet completed the approximately 1,800-mile journey and arrived in Sacramento, beating the eastbound packet’s arrival in St. Joseph by two days and setting a new standard for speedy mail delivery. Although ultimately short-lived and unprofitable, the Pony Express captivated America’s imagination and helped win federal aid for a more economical overland postal system. It also contributed to the economy of the towns on its route and served the mail-service needs of the American West in the days before the telegraph or an efficient transcontinental railroad.

Microsoft is discontinuing its Skype Wi-Fi service globally at the end of March, with officials citing a desire to focus on "core" features as the reason.

According to a Skype Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, users won't be able to download the Skype Wi-Fi application after that date. Those who still have Skype Wi-Fi installed after March 31 will no longer be able to find or use hotspots.

In a previous article, we spoke of a few things that you can do on an Android phone, that you just can’t on an iPhone. Today, we will tell you the other side of the story. Although some of you may think Android is functionally superior than iOS, nothing would be further from the truth. Today, iOS and Android have gotten more and more alike. Some of iOS's features, such as AirDrop, Touch ID, and Night Shift, are easily replaced by third party apps like Instashare, or supported by newer versions of Android. But there are still some things that make Apple's devices stand out. Here are just a few examples of things where iOS has the advantage over Android.

Like Pokémon? Like free stuff? Good news: There's a new, totally free Pokémon game available now on your iPhone or Android phone. It's called "Pokémon Duel," and it looks intense.


"Pokémon Duel" is an entirely different beast than the wildly popular "Pokémon Go," which launched last summer. Instead of capturing Pokémon in the real world, you'll collect figurines in "Pokémon Duel." And instead of battling other Pokémon at gyms in the real world, you take it to other players online in "Pokémon Duel."

Smartphones nowadays usually promise a long battery life but many users still complain that their device's batteries quickly get discharged even with the promised improvements. However, it is possible that users are actually killing their own batteries quicker due to wrong charging practices that can easily be corrected.

White-hat hackers found a loophole that allowed for remote command execution.

Security bloggers have exploited a loophole in a cloud-monitoring service to break into Samsung's Smartcam security cameras, just over a year after Samsung fixed similar vulnerabilities.


Exploiteers, a white-hat hacking group with extensive experience breaking into connected home devices, detailed its new exploit in a blog post last week. By accessing php files designed to facilitate firmware updates for Smartcam devices, the hackers were able to install a remote command execution script that gave them full control of the cameras.


Microsoft recently overhauled the user interface of Cortana on Android, but the company has more plans for the digital assistant. The software maker is currently testing out a new way to access Cortana from the Android lock screen, with just a swipe. It’s a new feature that’s clearly designed to replace Google’s own quick access, and to convince Android users to switch to Cortana.


The Pentagon has given the highest security rating for unclassified data to Microsoft's federal cloud offerings, Azure Government and a Defense Department-specific iteration of Office 365. The Microsoft services were granted Level 5 provisional authority to operate certification.


Windows 10 has faced a growing number of privacy concerns in recent months. While Microsoft has responded to some previously, the latest criticism came from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, accusing the software maker of sending an “unprecedented amount of usage data” back to the company with Windows 10. Microsoft is now hoping to quell some of these fears with several changes to its privacy controls in the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update.